18th Annual Eagles Sports Medicine Symposium (E24)


Join EBPcentral and Rothman Orthopaedics’ for this virtual continuing education event.

Presentations & Faculty:

Shoulder Osteoarthritis in the Young Patient, Matthew Pepe, MD

Physical Therapy Management of Shoulder OA; The Young Athlete, Sarah Kisby, DPT

ACL Reconstruction in the Elite Athlete, Christopher Dodson, MD

ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation in the Elite Athlete – Monte Wong, DPT, ATC

Treatment of Hip Labral Tears and FAI in Athletes, John Salvo, MD

Rehabilitation of the Painful Hip in the Competitive Athlete, Heather Wnorowski, DPT

Learning Objectives:

Identify the diagnosis and cause of glenohumeral osteoarthritis in young patients.

Describe various operative and non operative treatment options for glenohumeral osteoarthritis and the outcomes.

Identify the role Physical Therapy plays in the management of glenohumeral osteoarthritis (OA) in conjunction with conservative and operative treatment options.

Review topics for patient/athlete education during the early stages of symptom management.

Review anatomy of the ACL and its role in knee stability

Explore the various grafts utilized in ACL reconstruction surgery, while also examining the principles of post-surgical rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction, with a focus on understanding timelines aligned with graft healing

Review the current concepts in the treatment and rehabilitation of the athlete after a post operative ACL reconstruction

Identify tests and measures that can aid in determining return to sport for the elite athlete after an ACL reconstruction

Review Pre-operative assessment, imaging and evaluation of athletes with Hip pain and FAI

Identify surgical treatment options, outcomes, and timeline for athletes with hip labral tears and FAI.

Review important rehab considerations and post-op guidelines.

Discuss late stage rehab and progression to return to sport.


Domain 2: Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnosis

Domain 3: Critical Incident Management

Domain 4: Therapeutic Intervention

Target Audience:


Difficulty Level:


CE Credits:

Athletic trainers will receive 3.0 Category A CEU’s. Other providers receive a certificate of attendance.

Delivery Method:

Virtual Asynchronous – On-deman

Registration Fee:


Cancellation Policy:

Cancel anytime and apply any payment to a future course.

Sponsors: NovaCare Rehab

EBPcentral is approved by the Board of Certification to provide continuing education to certified athletic trainers. This course is approved for 3.0 Category A CEUs.


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